Berkley line


Berkley NanoFil – a new word in fishing lines. This is a unique phenomenon in the fishing market, for the first time it was possible to achieve high strength and low extensibility at extremely small diameters. We can say that the Nanofil line is not a braided line, nor a mono thread, it’s something in the middle. The material for the line is all the same Dyneema, known to all, but unlike the last-generation forests, the micro-column is connected at a molecular level, thus, the increased modularity of the material made it possible to create a line of smaller diameter, with excellent breaking and tensile properties. In this case, externally and to the touch, the new line resembles the usual transparent monofilament.

Revolutionary development from the American company Berkley. A fundamentally new type of fishing line. Do not weave, do not monofilament. The NanoFil line consists of hundreds of Dyneema nanofilaments, which combine at the molecular level into a solid, heavy-duty yarn, and as a result – a line with a thickness of human hair and a large burst load, nothing like this has ever been done! New progressive technologies made it possible to combine the strength and sensitivity of braids with the smoothness of monofilament and create a line of the new generation of NanoFil – the finest diameters, round section, enchanting range, super sensitivity, maximum strength. At the EFTTEX in 2011, the NanoFil fishing line won the prize in the Product of the Year category.

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