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Daiwa is one of the world’s leading producers of fishing goods. Since 1962, it has been a leader in the world market of coil manufacturers. To date, the company has received the recognition of anglers and professionals from all over the world. This company is equal to all producers of goods for fishing, but Daiwa always remains one step ahead with its latest developments and technologies.
The history of daiwa and its achievements
In December 1945, a company was registered in Tokyo under the name of Daiwa Seiko Inc. The purpose of its creation was the development and production of fishing equipment, gear, baits and various accessories. The company also began to repair fishing equipment.

How to choose the inertia spool Daiwa

Non-inertial coils are by far the most common, both among professional anglers and among amateurs. They have excellent technical characteristics, as well as convenience and ease of use. Daiwa has about 50 series of inertia-free coils. And determine the choice of the coil is its own, it is very difficult. Let’s try to figure out what to primarily pay attention to when choosing a coil.

Is it worth chasing the number of bearings?

For some reason, in the circle of anglers there is an opinion that the more in the bearing coil, the better and steeper it is. Therefore, first of all, when choosing a coil, the angler looks at the number of “balls”. This is not entirely correct.

The fact is that the coil quality and comfortable work with it determine:

  • Ideal stiffness and alignment of the kinematic pair.
  • Accurate balancing.
  • Well matched gear material.

Yes, the number of bearings is also very important, but even more important is the kinematic scheme of their distribution, and their quality. First, Daiwa equipped its coils with plain bearings. They are not demanding on working conditions. Even if this bearing becomes soiled, it is sufficient to wash and lubricate it. Ball bearings are more sensitive to dirt, in most cases, they are subject to replacement. Daiwa coils, equipped with sliding bearings, work for decades without breakdowns and replacement parts.

With the advent of high-quality antifriction materials, Daiwa began actively installing ball bearings in its coils. At first there were 3, then 6, 10, and by 2001 a coil with 15 ball bearings came out. The fact is that such “balls” tolerate pollution well and have high corrosion resistance. As for Daiwa coils, even the minimum number of bearings installed where necessary should be sufficient for perfect work. What can not you say about the coils of firms-imitators, even under the string stuffed with “balls”.

Coil selection in accordance with dimensions

When choosing a Daiwa coil, the most important thing is to determine its size. And it directly depends on the type of bait, which will be used for fishing. However, very often this parameter is ignored, and a “standard” coil is selected, which in principle does not exist.

Among Russian fishermen, it is widely believed that the 2500 model coil is “universal”. The fact that American athletes believe that this is the size of the coil is ideal for high-speed fishing in professional tournaments. But this does not mean that it can be used under any fishing conditions. The 2500 coil is medium-sized and has an increased winding speed. However, it should be used for its intended purpose.

More often 2500 is taken as “universal”, for fishing for light baits, and for heavy ones. For example, it uses lures and wobblers from 6 to 15 grams. Of course, the coil will work well with this bait. But for her, a 1500 or 2000 coil would be better. The latter is equipped with the same main transmission as the 2500. The safety factor of these coils is very large, and the weight is much smaller. Thus, you can greatly ease the tackle.

The 2500 coil will work fine with heavy baits, for example, forty-grammes. But the fact is that it is not designed for them, and its internal mechanism will be subject to accelerated wear and tear. For such a bait, the 3000 model is best suited.

But the model 3000 can be attributed to a certain degree of truth to the “universal”. Such daiwa coils are equipped with powerful transmission, high sensitivity and excellent softness of stroke. They are designed for fishing for bait from 10 to 50 grams. But with the help of such a coil, you can easily make long casts of even a five-gram bait. However, it is not worth using them for catching very large catfish, salmon, beluga, taimen, as well as under extreme conditions. For this purpose, 4000 models are intended.

Among fishermen there is also an opinion that the larger diameter of the spool gives a longer cast. This is not entirely true. All Daiwa coils are equipped with ABS spools, which have an increased diameter. This system allows you to make long casts even with spools of small diameters. ABS greatly facilitates the fishing line when casting. The casting range also largely depends on the thickness of the fishing line, the diameter of the bead, the size of the rod rings, the distance between them. To achieve a high casting distance, all these parameters must be coordinated among themselves.

Choosing a daiwa coil, first of all, you need to determine the fishing conditions, the size and weight of the bait that will be used. And then, in accordance with these parameters, determined with the choice of size.

Friction brake

When choosing a coil, you also need to pay attention to the maximum braking force of the clutch. It is expressed in kilograms. This figure indicates that when the tightening force is equal to it, the spool will start rotating with the screw of the friction brake fully engaged. This is necessary in order to protect the mechanism of the coil from destruction, and also to keep the line. All Daiwa coils are equipped with a quality friction brake, which instantly reacts to achieve maximum pulling force.

The maximum pull of the coil does not depend on the maximum load on the friction. Therefore, if this number is greater in the coil, this does not mean that it is more powerful than its counterpart with the figure below. The fact is that the frictional force depends on the size, number and material of the friction washers. Therefore, for a high value of the maximum load on the friction drive is not worth pursuing.

Select the coil class in dimensions

In the Daiwa range are presented coils, from the most inexpensive and simple to equip, to professional models at a rather high price. They differ in the materials of manufacture, the number of elements, the complexity of the design, and fabrication. But, despite this, Daiwa coils even with the most modest price, meet the company’s high standards, and are of high quality.

For beginners, anglers and fishermen, the inertia-free daiwa coils of an entry-level at a low price are perfect. Despite the price, they contain many elements that are used in the best sports reels of the dive. Therefore, they are able to provide long-range casting, while you can use both a fishing line and a “braid”. The main gear of such coils is made of high-quality materials, and has a high wear resistance. Such coils are equipped with 3-4 bearings. But in terms of balance, sensitivity, softness of stroke, power, and quality of winding lines, they are much superior to the coil-simulators with 10-12 “balls”.

The daiwa middle and high-end coils are suitable for avid fishermen, sportsmen for anglers, and also for amateurs who have the means to purchase them. By purchasing such a model, the fisherman gets everything that an extra-class dive coil is capable of. In it the newest systems, the best materials and the highest accuracy of manufacturing are collected. Such a tackle is really capable of satisfying the most sophisticated fishermen.

Well, and of course, the elite Daiwa coils will suit the most well-to-do fishermen, who need to have the best fishing tackle. Coils of this class are equipped with the most sophisticated systems. They are used by professional anglers and sportsmen from all over the world.

The parameters considered are the main ones when choosing a coil. But the weight of the coil is important, and the way it works with the line and the “braid”. To make the right choice of coil, various constructive details also should not be left without attention.

Daiwa reels use various mechanisms and technologies that were developed by the company itself. To properly choose a coil, you need to understand these technologies.
Modern technologies and systems in reels Daiwa

In the production of coils, the company uses four concepts called Real Four, which were adopted in 2004. They sound like this:

  • Real Engine – a real engine.
  • Real Endurance – real durability.
  • Real Control – real control.
  • Real Custom – a real style.

Each concept involves the use of different systems and technologies. Together they provide:

  • Easy and smooth running during wiring;
  • absence of hum and beating in the coil when winding;
  • Powerful and smooth power drive;
  • maximum convenience when handling tackle;
  • maximum long casting;
  • excellent sensitivity during wiring;
  • high durability;
  • Original design and own style of tackle.
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