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The popularity of inflatable boats Inteks due to high performance characteristics:

  • The boat occupies a small volume and has a low weight in the assembled state. A small single-seat model is placed in a backpack. A large triple or four-seater boat is delivered to the reservoir in the trunk of the car. Inflatable boats are easy to store. For them there is always a place in the garage, on the balcony, in the storeroom.
  • Production is available. Small size and weight, the ability to perform assembly independently allow the goods to buy on the Internet.
  • A distinctive feature of inflatable models is the low price, in comparison with rigid designs they are inexpensive. Inflatable rubber boats have the optimal ratio: price – quality.
  • Inflatable products Intex is practical, which is achieved due to ease of use. It is easy to deliver in the assembled state to the place for fishing, after use the product will need to be washed, dried, let down and in a neatly folded condition to be delivered to the storage place. All works are easily doable, do not take much time and are easy.
  • When deciding to buy an inflatable Intex boat, you acquire a universal product that can be used for fishing, even in the most secluded place, in shallow waters and poor patency. It is interesting to travel and make leisurely boat trips, carry luggage, go down the river.
  • Rubber PVC boats feature resistance to aggressive chemical and natural environments, high strength, which is obtained through the use of multi-layer reinforced material.

Inflatable Boats: Design Characteristics

The original Intex fishing boat consists of two parts. Preference is given to the inflatable sides from several sections. In case of not tightness of one of them, the boat still remains afloat and will be able to take passengers to the shore.

The bottom or floor, other name – pajol, can be executed in an inflatable, inflatable, rack or plastic execution.

The model with an inflatable floor features a lower price.

For fishing on a quiet small lake, morning or evening leisurely water walks, the decision to buy a cheap model with an unventilated bottom and oars will be justified.

A boat with an inflatable bottom or rack is of great rigidity, this design allows you to install a small engine, you can order a model right now on the site Intex-Shop.Com.Ua. More powerful engines are installed on boats with a bottom in a plastic version.

Everyone chooses the color of the inflatable boat to their taste. But it is commonly believed that the darker surface is warmer in the sun, which is undesirable even for a long-term stay in the heat of the boat. For fishing, a light color is preferable.

For the production of inflatable boats, a three-layer material is developed, developed using Super Tough technology.

It consists of two layers of polyvinyl chloride – PVC, inside which is a reinforcing polyester net. The material does not lose its properties in salt water, it is resistant to gasoline, oil, which is especially important for structures equipped with an engine. Therefore, the inflatable boat refers to durable structures, resistant to wear and aggressive environment, capable of operating under high-speed loads and in conditions of temperature fluctuations.

There are two ways of connecting the structure: glued and welded. The second is more durable and reliable, the assembly of less loaded structures is performed due to gluing.

Intex Inflatable Boats

Manufacturer Inteks pleases the buyer with a variety of its products. Inflatable boats differ in size, color, performance characteristics.

In the trading network, Intex supplies inflatable boats of the following series:

  • Series Explorer is presented by light boats, no more than two-seater by the number of adults carried. The length of the products is up to 1.96 m. The walls of the structure are made of non-reinforced PVC material, its thickness does not exceed 0.4 mm. The two-seater model is lightweight, which allows it to be transported in the trunk of a car, to be carried in a backpack for short distances in case of poor river traffic. Intex Explorer is designed for walking on water for short distances, an excellent solution for the lake. The optimal ratio: price – quality, fast delivery – these are the main reasons for making a decision: I will buy it.
  • The Challenger series includes universal models, designed for water walks of the company or families up to 4 people. The wall of the boat has a large material thickness of up to 0.6 mm, made of non-reinforced PVC. The length of the models in this series does not exceed 3.5 m.
  • The SeaHawk series is a single, two-seater, triple or four-seater fishing boat, the body of the structure is dark green, up to 3.5 m long. It has a higher cost, the price increase is explained by the execution of the body of three-layer reinforced material manufactured using Super Tough technology with internal reinforcing layer, thickness up to 0.75 mm. Feature of the boat in three-chamber performance. If one of the cameras fails, the person will still be kept on the surface and will be able to reach the shore. The SeaHawk series is produced with an inflatable bottom and an inner cylinder, which provides good maneuverability. In the manufacture of floor technology with longitudinal cylinders Wave Beam is used, due to which the design turned out to be rather rigid, characterized by the stability of the undulating surface.
  • Intex Excursion boats are close in characteristics to the previous series, but stand out in great space, which allows the design to be used for a trip of five passengers with supplies, fishing gear. Feature of the Excursion series in the presence of such additional amenities as chairs in the stern and bow. Sphere of use: walks for getting pleasure from the beauty of water spaces, fishing on rivers with a small current.
  • The Intex Marines series is designed for a serious consumer, is characterized by a lot of camera and comes complete with everything necessary for outdoor activities. This includes pillows, pockets, holders.

All the original inflatable inflatable products of Intex, except for the Excursion series, have transom mounts, which are designed to accommodate a boat motor with a power of no more than 3 horsepower.

Your dream is fishing from the boat: you are among the pond, silence, lightly broken by the splashing of the fish, the water surface, a little bit chilly. You are happy to only have time to string the bait and take off the catch.

The right decision is to buy an inflatable boat. This is a low price for so much fun.

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