KastKing reels

The coils are constructively good, the gears and shafts are made of high-quality metal, quality bearings are installed. In general, the Casting coil is worth its money, since the coil mechanism itself is made qualitatively and out of good material

The American company KastKing has announced the release of the new baitcasting coil Speed ​​Demon, which, according to company representatives, has every chance to become the most technological of all high-speed multiplier coils currently on the market.

KastKing Speed ​​Demon will be able to boast a ratio of 9.3: 1, making this coil one of the fastest in the world. It will have 12 closed ball bearings + freewheel clutch. The 115 mm handle together with a high “gear” will provide an unattainable speed of cord reeling. In addition to speed characteristics, the feature of the new coil will be a new revolutionary magnetic brake, almost completely eliminating the risk of outbreaks and beards. The friction brake with four carbon-fiber wheels will provide a braking force of up to 6 kilograms. Speed ​​Demon will be equipped with the most lightweight aluminum spools, bronze gears of the main pair and comfortable ergonomic knobs from EVA.

“Another very important feature of the new coil will be the retail price, which will be above $ 60, but it’s about half the size of other high-speed keyhole coils on the market, which also have poorer equipment,” says Tom Gaan (Tom Gahan), marketing director of Eposeidon Inc., which owns the brand KastKing. “If you rate the speed of rewinding the keying coils on a ten-point scale, Speed ​​Demon would get 11 points,” jokes Paul Quigley, a specialist at the KastKing design bureau.

Tate Cui, founder and commercial director of Eposeidon, adds: “Speed ​​Demon is a clear example of KastKing’s capabilities. Now the company not only offers the best prices in the market, but also seriously strives to become one of the leading manufacturers in the field of amateur fishing. We pay special attention to areas that are not very popular with our main competitors. ”

The recommended retail price of KastKing Speed ​​Demon in the US is about $ 130, but now these reels can be purchased at significant discounts in large online stores, for example, on Amazon.com

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