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Review of the best coils of Okuma

In the assortment of the company there are many reels worthy of attention of professional fishermen practicing different ways of catching. To consider them all, it takes a very long time, so we should focus on those who are more fond of anglers.
Okuma Helios Gold is the embodiment of every fisherman’s dream. The product is classified as inertial. The lightweight graphite body is equipped with a side plate and a carbon rotor. By weight, it can be compared to similar products from the world famous manufacturers Shimano and Daiwa. At the same time, the difference in price is quite significant, and the offspring of Okum’s company clearly benefits from this. Despite the lightweight design, the power and strength of the coil is at a high level. As a material for manufacturing the transmission mechanism and the main gear, a durable and strong Alumi Lite alloy was used. It began to be used in coils in 2013, and when it turned out that this innovation is more than successful, it was used in further production.

Ball bearings were manufactured using the High Performance Bearning technology, and therefore they have an enormous advantage over conventional ball bearings. There are eight of them in the reel. Friction made of carbon fiber, characterized by high-precision settings. From getting dirt and water, it is protected by a gasket with excellent waterproof characteristics of Hydro Block.
This model has a smooth stroke, which characterizes the products of the top level. Any imbalance is excluded both at slow, and at fast turns. This is made possible by computer balancing. The size of the spool makes it possible to use braided cords and monofilament lines in different conditions.
Okuma Artics RTX coil belongs to the premium class, but it is in the middle price range. This allows anglers with medium incomes to use high-quality products. After the appearance on the market, the coil received a lot of positive feedback, which served as an impetus for the expansion of the line and the introduction of three more standard sizes. Thanks to one roller and seven ball bearings, the product has a smooth and soft stroke.

Longer service life of the coil mechanism provides the main gear, which is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. All internal components of the mechanism are made by the CRC system, therefore they are protected by an anti-corrosion coating that penetrates into the metal at the molecular level. The spool is made of aluminum and, like the previous model, is equipped with Hydro Block gasket, which protects the friction against dirt and moisture.
In the kit with the coil there are also two washers, with which you can adjust the taper of winding a fishing line or cord on it.

Okuma Max4 Distance Carp Pro is designed primarily for catching active and strong freshwater fish, namely carp and carp. The product has a very beautiful design with the unique patented Max4 camouflage pattern. This inertial-free model has many great advantages. Like any carp coil, Max4 Distance Carp Pro has a large spool, which is designed in such a way that the line descends from it as easily and quickly as possible. This design and characteristic geometry allows fishermen to perform long casts, which is a huge plus if necessary to deliver the tackle to a specific place on the pond.

Precise adjustment of all gear is provided by the front clutch. Due to this, the risk that the coil jams during the voyage of a large specimen is practically zero. The design is equipped with six ball steel bearings, as well as one roller. The appearance of parasitic vibrations is completely excluded. The rotor stabilization system RESII effectively prevents this.
The line is wound very evenly and qualitatively (turn to the turn), which serves as a great advantage when casting. Due to the large roller of the woodcutter, it is completely impossible to twist the line when winding. +

The mechanism is equipped with a sturdy volumetric aluminum handle, which fits comfortably in the hand. The maximum recommended load on the friction is an impressive 13 kg.
The coil was presented at the exhibition Efftex, where she received the award for a reliable design and beautiful design.
The Raw II series has two main trump cards – reliability and power. This has been tested for years in the course of numerous applications in many different conditions by many professional anglers. All doubts fall away after the first glance at the product, which with its brutal appearance can inspire confidence even to the most distrustful buyer. The rugged case is made of aluminum. There is also a side plate made using Alumi Lite technology.

The arms of the entire line of coils have increased strength. Aviation aluminum is used as a material for their production in some models. The other handles are made of carbon fiber.
A line for fishing in both salt and fresh water is intended. Can catch can be done from the boat or from the shore.
For the production of Raw II coils, high-strength alloys are used, which practically do not wear out, which significantly increases the service life. Anticorrosive coating penetrates the body of the coil at the molecular level, which also contributes to the duration of uninterrupted service. There is also a Hydro Block gasket, which is famous for its waterproof characteristics. The load on the friction varies from 10 kg to 18 kg, depending on the size.
Apply the product when catching a heavy jig in fresh water as well as in sea conditions. They also show great effectiveness in fishing for heavy spinning baits.
On the coil Okuma Trio FD lovers of high-quality coils and do not talk. The product has already found many fans, and it is worth noting that this happened for a reason. To find the reason for such popularity, it is not required much work, you just need to get acquainted with the characteristics of the coil, and everything will immediately become clear even to people who are far from fishing.

The coil has a relatively small weight, effectively counteracts corrosion. At the same time, it boasts a large margin of power and strength. The combination of these characteristics in one design was made possible by the use of three different materials.
The coil leg consists of two parts, which are made of different metals. As a material for the manufacture of a removable top, cast aluminum was used. The lower component is made of aviation aluminum. The composition of these materials gave the mechanism maximum strength. Also, with small, and with the most serious loads, the risk of displacement of parts inside the structure is completely excluded.
The weight of the structure was reduced due to the manufacture of side covers made of graphite. The spool was made using different technologies. Therefore, it, in fact, consists of a metal frame, the inner surface of which is covered with light graphite.
The product is famous for the fact that with its help fishermen can deliver the bait exactly where they want, regardless of distance. The accuracy and range of casting at the coil is at a high level. This is made possible by the fact that the spool has a smooth front edge, which does not prevent the line from descending easily and quickly.
Also in this product is used the legendary system of double friction brakes. It uses an additional braking system, which is located under the spools. Due to this, the maximum braking effort is achieved.
All elements of the mechanism are protected from corrosion by means of a special coating.
In addition to these coils, Okuma has many more excellent products. The fact that they did not get into the review does not mean that they are not worthy of attention. The fact is that the described models have gained great popularity among our fishermen. If you become acquainted with the whole range of products, even the most experienced fisherman, who has changed dozens of coils for his life, will receive his share of enthusiasm.
Do not forget that the company can boast not only the coils. The one who held the spinning Okuma, knows that this kind of fishing gear is worthy of attention.
Thanks to the responsible approach to the manufacture of gear, the constant striving for excellence, which is expressed in the formulation and achievement of new goals, the company broke out to the peak of popularity and is among the leaders.

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