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American company Penn almost from the moment of its creation preaches a special philosophy of fishing – Big Game Fishing (“Fishing for big fish”). Fishing for particularly powerful gear of especially large predators has a lot of admirers, that’s why the company has created a whole industry for producing gear for this kind of catching.
Today, Penn is one of the world leaders in the development of powerful fishing rods and power fishing reels. Each product of the company can be considered a real work of art, to the creation of which many renowned fishing professionals have put their hand. Each Penn rod was developed in order for the angler to enjoy every moment of fishing.
Powerful side spinnings Squadron are designed for fishing with power coils. The main areas of their application – hunting for catfish, sea fishing for large predators, as well as trolling for heavy lures. Powerful blanks confidently cope with sweeping and power vyvazhivaniem large predator.

One of the leaders in this market, which offers a large amount of goods, is Penn Fishing Tackle Company, which produces goods under the brand Penn. It was founded in the United States, in the city of Philadelphia, an emigrant from Germany, Otto Henz, and has since been one of the leaders in the fishing goods industry. It is noteworthy that during the Second World War this company produced spare parts for submarines. After that, it went through a successful conversion and thanks to innovative approaches and only high-quality materials it occupies a solid place on the manufacturer of coils and rods. This company is considered the founder of the industry called “Big Game Fishing”, which in English means fishing for large fish. Among the achievements of the company “Penn Fishing Tackle Company” more than 800 world records. Only the fact that the company’s tester is Neil Makeoll, who has become the world champion for backcasting three times (the goods for which the Penn Fishing Tackle Company specializes), already speaks of its prestige and the quality of its products. But completing the conversation about the company itself, we can not fail to mention the fact that even spare parts are produced for coils that were removed from production 30 years ago!
Although the main specialization of the Penn Fishing Tackle Company is the production of strong and high-quality multiplier coils, we will tell you a little about the rods that this famous company produces. In general, Penn produces rods for use in the sea, but if you use large and heavy lures, you are a fan of jig fishing, trolling, then these rods fully meet your requirements.

Let’s briefly consider the main series of rods produced by this company.

Rampage Boat

This series of spinning rods for catching in plummet is mainly used with jig baits and pilasters weighing up to 1000 grams. It is intended for sea fishing, in particular, catching cod. Very light and sensitive, but at the same time have an excellent safety margin.

Slammer Stik Boat

Initially, this series is designed for use with a boat when fishing in a plumb bob, but it shows itself perfectly in fresh water, especially when fishing with trolling. The Slammer Stik Boat rods are divided into two parts and are convenient for transportation.

Slammer Stik Light Pilk

Rods of the Slammer Stik Light Pilk series are two-piece. They are considered universal in application, as they can be caught both in a plumb line and used for casting. A distinctive feature is the flexible end of belgo color, which reacts very clearly to the bite.

Regiment Popping Spin

A series of composite fishing rods for sea fishing. Rods of this series are two-part. As the name suggests, they are designed for catching poppers, and you can also use a glider type lure.

They are equipped with fittings of the famous Japanese company Fuji.

Overseas Pro

A series of fishing rods for coastal fishing and trolling. Using the rods in this series, you can perform a very powerful cast.

When choosing fishing rods for trolling, catching a jigg-head or sea fishing, pay attention to one of the leaders in this area – the trademark “Penn”.

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