Power Pro line


Almost two decades on the market there is a braid power pro, a miracle of engineering thought, invented in America. Several years ago, the factory manufacturer of this cord was included in the company of Shimano and now one can not say that this is purely an American product. Although so still take to count. At the beginning of the journey, this wonderful cord made a lot of noise among fishing enthusiasts. He was recognized as one of the best and everyone wanted to catch him.

What is happening now after many years, and has this popular fishing line “turned pro”, popularly called a “bug”?

The wattled fishing line Power Pro is made of high quality raw materials, polyethylene fibers SPECTRA FIBER. These fibers are very light, so Power Pro is a floating line. But for the braided line is important not only raw materials, but also the final product, quality weaving. The Power Pro braided consists of 4 or 8 SPECTRA fibers. The number of fibers depends on the brand of the cord. This cord is produced by a special technological process-Body Technology, which consists not in sintering the fibers, but in their plexus.

The manufacturer wants to make the cord perfectly round. But precisely because of its unique technology, Power Pro did not get an impeccable round cross section. Cords that have a breaking load of 10 lb and a diameter greater than 0.15 mm of round shape. Thinner Power Pro cords are more flat.

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