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Japanese company Shimano for today is one of the world leaders in the market of fishing gear and equipment. Among the assortment of its products the most popular are inertia-free coils, which will be discussed in this article.

The inertial coil is a rather complex mechanism that requires professional approach and quality control at the design and manufacturing stages of the product. The company Shimano constantly improves its products, introduces innovative developments and applies modern high-quality materials. This approach allows us to produce high-quality, reliable, wear-resistant and durable products that faithfully serve the fisherman.

Among the range of inertia-free Shimano coils, you can find very expensive models, and budget. Expensive coil models are mainly used by professionals and advanced beginners, who regularly or periodically participate in fishing competitions. Such models of coils are developed using the latest technologies and concepts of Shimano, thought out to the smallest detail, are made of the most high-quality materials and have excellent technical and operational characteristics, which allows to fully enjoy the fishing process. The cheaper models also have the basic characteristics of expensive coils, which guarantee reliability and high-quality work of the product. However, they are made of cheaper materials and have fewer functional features. This is done in order to reduce the price of the coil while not losing much in its quality.

Today, in the fishing market, there are a number of models of inertia-free Shimano coils, which are in demand among anglers and quite naturally deserve their trust. Let us consider them in more detail.

Shimano Biomaster

Shimano Biomaster The inertial coil of the medium-budget class, which is popular among many spinners. A series of these coils is available in a very wide range of models, which allows you to choose a coil for any kind of spinning – whether it’s an ultralight on a micrip, whether it’s a heavy jig on large and fast ponds.

Structurally, the Shimano Biomaster is made according to the X-SHIP concept. This concept implies the use of the main coil pair wheel and the rear support of a small gear of increased diameter. Thanks to this approach, this series has increased power and wear-resistant characteristics, as well as soft and velvet running. There are 6 ball bearings in the coil design. The system of winding the cord onto the spool is crossed by Aero Wrap. The coil is equipped with a lightweight aluminum spool AR-C.

Shimano Elf

Shimano Elf This is the cheapest inertia-free coil, which can be classified as a medium-budget class. But, nevertheless, Shimano Elf has many characteristics inherent in the more expensive and “heaped” coils of this manufacturer. The body of the coil and the rotor are made of aluminum alloy. Also made of aluminum and AR-C spool with bevelled edge. The Shimano Elf uses the Gross Gear Line System (with an “infinite” screw), which ensures even laying of even thin cords without bumps and dips. There are 3 open ball bearings in the coil.

Overall, the Shimano Elf is a very good choice in its price range. Sufficiently wide size range allows you to choose the coil for almost any type of fishing. In addition, in the series there are models with fine-profile spools, which is very relevant for catching light baits using thin and ultra-thin cords.

Shimano Exsence CI4

Shimano Exsence CI4 This series of inertia-free coils was created specifically for “seabass” fishing. In the series, two models – 3000 and 4000. With reference to our conditions, the Shimano Exsence CI4 is suitable for medium-range and medium-heavy jig fishing and for catching asp. Those. just for those conditions where long-range tackle is required with a power reserve and good cord laying. The coil is made in a casing made of modern CI4 carbon fiber, making it easier and more durable. Good laying of the cord, including small diameters, is achieved through the Aero Wrap system based on an endless screw. The friction mechanism has fine tuning thanks to the Rigid Support Drag subassembly. In the Shimano Exsence CI4 inertia-free coil mechanism, there are 8 closed ball bearings. The main pair is made of duralumin alloy. The travel of the coil is easy and soft.

Shimano Nasci

Shimano Nasci This inertia-free coil is considered the basic model among the mid-budget segment of Shimano coils. It absorbed many useful and important characteristics that are inherent in coils from the more expensive and professional model range. The main coil pair is made, as well as more expensive, using the X-SHIP concept, according to which the main wheel of the pair is enlarged. This feature affects the power of the mechanism, its durability, as well as the course of the coil, which has become more smooth and soft. Mechanism Shimano Nasci is enclosed in the body of Slim Fit Body of modern plastic, which is very durable and lightweight material, and at the same time inexpensive. The main components and parts of the coil are made of duralumin alloy. The use of such inexpensive and high-quality materials has significantly reduced the price of the product, and now this series of coils is available to many anglers. It is worth noting and the updated lightweight AR-C spool with bevelled edge, made of aluminum alloy. The bow of the forest depositor is made with an L-shaped transition part, which prevents lashing of the cord. The coil has 4 closed ball bearings.

The size range of the inertia-free Shimano Nasci coil is wide enough, and models with fine-profile spools are produced. In general, this coil is today the most common among lovers of catching light spinnings.

Shimano Rarenium CI4 +

A high quality coil is on the market in a wide range of sizes. It has models for catching on ultralight spinning (1000-2000) and for catching large and enduring baits (up to 5000). The body of the coil is made of improved CI4 + carbon fiber, which gives it increased strength characteristics and stunning ease. The main pair of duralumin made in accordance with the concept of X-SHIP, determines the increased traction characteristics of the mechanism, its reliability, lightness and smooth running. Shimano Rarenium CI4 + in its design has an endless screw. The coil contains 6 ball bearings. Also, the design feature of the Shimano Rarenium CI4 + is the improved and modernized powerful and compact MagnumLite rotor.

The inertial coil Shimano Rarenium CI4 + for today in its price segment is the best choice not only for professionals, but also for anglers who appreciate the high quality and reliability of the product.

Shimano Sephia CI4 +

Sefia.jpg Externally very elegant and memorable kind of coil was actually originally developed for squid fishing, where increased traction, reliability and durability are required. In the conditions of our reservoirs found application mainly in jig fishing for baits of medium weight (up to 30 grams). Sephia CI4 + incorporates the latest developments of Shimano engineers. First, as with all modern Shimano reels, the X-SHIP concept is applied, i. E. The rear ball bearing support of the main pair is added and the diameter of the wheel is increased. The main pair is made of duralumin. Secondly, the body of the coil is made of modern high-tech carbon fiber reinforced plastic CI4 +, which gives ease and additional reliability to the product. Third, in the Shimano Sephia CI4 + design, the improved compact MagnumLite rotor is applied. Fourth, the Rigid Support Drag allows you to accurately and correctly rebuild the friction brake coil.

In general, the inertia-free coil is elegant, has a velvet stroke and an excellent laying of the cord without bumps and dips.

Shimano Stella

Shimano Stella This series of powerful inertia-free coils designed for carp and sea fishing. The maximum size in the model range is 30000. All knots of the coil are made of high-quality high-tech alloy Power Al. The main coil pair is made of cold-drawn duralumin alloy. Naturally, when designing the main pair, the X-SHIP concept was used, which proved itself only from the positive side. The coil spool has a lightweight construction and is made of aluminum. On the rod on which it rotates, there are 2 ball bearings. In general, the design of Shimano Stella has 14 closed ball bearings. Friction brake is improved and has a design called X-Tough Drag. All parts of the coil are reinforced and are designed for the most extreme loads that occur when catching trophy fish.

Shimano Twin Power

Shimano Twin Power Another high-tech and modern inertia-free coil with all the positive qualities inherent in the above mentioned models. This is the concept of designing the main pair X-SHIP, and the application of the modern high-quality Power Al alloy, and the Rigid Support Drag subassembly, and much more, which puts this coil among some of the best models of “inertia-free” in its price category. Shimano Twin Power has a soft velvet stroke, an ideal laying of the cord without dips and bumps, is ergonomic and comfortable in operation. The design of this coil provides 9 closed ball bearings. A wide size range will allow you to choose the optimal model for the conditions of fishing and the bait used. The inertial coil Shimano Twin Power is chosen by professionals and many advanced spinners, and this already speaks of its high quality and reliability.

Shimano Ultegra

Shimano Ultegra The inertial coil of the mid-budget range, which is slightly higher than models such as Nasci and Elf, but slightly short of the more expensive and professional coils produced by Shimano. The size range of the Shimano Ultegra series starts with an ultralight model of size 1000 and ends with a powerful 4000HG, which can be used for medium-heavy and heavy jigging, as well as tweaking of large minnow wobblers. Like all modern Shimano coils, it is designed according to the X-SHIP concept, has a modernized MagnumLite rotor, the body is made of durable and lightweight CI4 + plastic, equipped with aluminum handles and AR-C spools. Shimano Ultegra perfectly lays the cord, thanks to the Aero Wrap cross-winding system. Has a soft, light and quiet running.


All the above models of inertia-free Shimano coils are most in demand in the modern fishing market. Therefore, choosing one of the coils listed above, the angler can be sure that it will last a long time and will please with its trouble-free operation for several seasons.

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