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Spinning from Shimano is the most popular at the moment, as Shimano is the leader in the production of fishing goods, and especially for spinnings and coils. In this article we have made a review of several popular series of spinning rods, at the end of the article there is a list of all the Shimano spinning series and their approximate cost.

Spinning Shimano FIREBLOOD

Relatively new series of spinnings, which by right can be called elite. The hand-made rod forms are made of graphite and high-quality duralumin, and the handy handle and access rings from the renowned firm Fuji complement the overall picture. Spinning in this series does not cause any complaints, only admiration, but they cost a lot – from 550 to 750 dollars.

With regard to specific characteristics, the length of Shimano FIREBLOOD rods can be 210, 240 or 270 cm, and the test scores of 5-20 g, 10-30 g or 15-40 grams. The styling in this series is almost parabolic, but enough soft. Spinnings are calculated, first of all, for catching representatives of the salmon family in mountain reservoirs. In a set with each model there is a quality tube of rigid material.

Spinning Shimano LESATH

Like the previous series, the Shimano LESATH models can be attributed to elite spinning, which is distinguished by high quality of performance and use of the most modern production technologies.

The length of these spinning rods is the same – 210, 240 or 270 cm. But the range of the test is already extended: 3-14 g, 7-21 g, 10-30 g, 14-40 g.

The rods are also semi-parabolic, although the tips are quite sensitive.

The spins of this series cost from 400 to 550 dollars, are sold in the same rigid tube. Like the previous line, Shimano LESATH is designed primarily for catching fish such as trout or salmon.

Spinning Shimano Speed ​​Master

Another great series from Shimano, whose spinning due to the use of a number of innovative technologies are characterized by high strength and reliability. Powerful these models can be called not only because of the features of the forms, but also because of the high test ranges: the smallest test of the rod is 7-21 g. The complete set includes a cover for spinning and a tube. The cost is above the average – 200-280 dollars. Lovely fishing rods for catching large fish for the same large baits in difficult conditions.

Spinning Shimano DIAFLASH

Shimano did not leave aside and the ultra-light is gaining popularity. This line is designed for delicate catching on micro-baits and includes several models with different characteristics. The length of these ultralight rods are not much different, it is 220-237 cm.

As for the tests, the lightest indicator is only 0.6-4 g. All models in this series have 9 transmission rings from Fuji and comfortable, wear-resistant handles. High sensitivity and competent load distribution on the rod are attached. The average cost of Shimano DIAFLASH is 250 dollars.

Spinning Shimano BIOMASTER

A more inexpensive series of rods compared to FIREBLOOD and LESATH, designed for sea fishing or catching salmon. The average price is $ 200.

Spinning Shimano Crucial

A series of short and hard spinning rods, which was originally developed with the focus on catching American perch, but in fact it is quite good for catching on our bodies of water, for example, for hunting a toothy pike on small rivers. There are both single-piece and two-knit plug-in design options. The former are characterized by greater rigidity and a quicker system, but, naturally, are less convenient in the context of transportation. A fairly high-quality medium-sized budget line, approximate price of about $ 150.

Spinning Shimano Technium

Compared with the aforementioned series of rods Japanese company Shimano Technium can be called a relatively inexpensive ruler, which involves a wide selection of spinnings with different lengths and dough. The structure in the rods is average, all specimens have high strength characteristics. Branded access rings Shimano T-Lite Hardlite allow forever to forget about such unpleasant incidents, as twisting the line. The price range is 100-140 dollars.

Shimano Catana CX

An extensive range of inexpensive spinnings for fishermen with an average budget. Rods have a progressive structure of access rings, are made of special geofiber, which gives them greater rigidity and strength, but without special losses in elasticity. All the spinnings of this series are traditionally two-part, but on the other parameters are quite diverse.

Shimano Catana Telespin are telescopic spinnings with a small length in the folded form, which makes transportation very convenient. Shimano Catana Super Sensitive is designed specifically for ultralight fishing, which uses light baits and the sensitivity of the rod is extremely important. Shimano Catana Vibraspot manufacturer equipped with an unusual front part of the handle, because of what the owner can more conveniently cast and fish.

The length range of the Shinano Catana CX spinning starts at 165 cm and reaches 300 cm; the total range of the test is from 1 g to 100 g; the number of transmission rings is 7-8.

Shimano Nexave

Another more or less recent line of spinning from Shimano. All rods have a fairly thin blank with color graphics and 10 transmission rings of a unique system. The latter feature allows you to make casts of high range and accuracy. Also in the series there are telescopic adjustable spinnings.

Shimano Nexave Game Type includes 5 models, which combines the availability of Shimano Hardlite rings and reel holder of the same company. The test range is very large – from 10 to 300 g; length is the same – 270 cm; 10 transmission rings.

Shimano Nexave Spinn Sensitive are equipped with Aero System rings, which also increase the casting range. The test is 3-15 g or 10-30 g. The length is the same – 270 cm.

Shimano Nexave CX Spinning cardinal differences do not have: a light form, the same order of transmission rings, a test of 1-50 g, but the length can already range from 165 cm to the standard 270 cm.

Shimano Yasei

This jig series of spinning rods includes only three models. Each of them has a fast system and very good “throw” characteristics, which will allow the owner of such a spinning to carry out fast, long and fairly accurate casting of any jig baits. The use of braids will increase the sensitivity level of the rigging of Shimano Yasei rods


Budget rod from Shimano, whose strengths are high strength and versatility, but the sensitivity is already taking a back seat. They have very strong forms. The structure is average, the sensitivity is weak. In total this line has about 25 rods.

Each of them has two sections, but the other characteristics are different. So, the extreme indicators of the test are 2 g and 100 g, and the lengths are 165 cm and 330 cm. As for the transmission rings, they can be 6, 7 or 8 pieces. With all the shortcomings and lower quality characteristics compared to other Shimano rod series, the FORCE MASTER range offers quite good spinning spindles at an affordable price.

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