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This American brand is known to our brother for more than ten years and, it can be said, is the same age as the century. It would seem, well, what can we talk about here, taking into account the rapid onslaught of Japanese products? It turns out, you can! And even – it is necessary! What we will do now, introducing you to a modern version of some woven woods, produced under the “flag” SPIDERWIRE.
From the very beginning it is necessary to say that one should not particularly trust the figures that show the “carrying capacity” of all wicker lines. The thing is that manufacturers (by the way, in different countries this happens in different ways) indicate the breaking load of their products, based on the technical characteristics of maximum fiber strength under ideal conditions. And after all, then a thread is weaved from these fibers … And from the threads – a cord …. And then it is painted … And then it becomes soaked … And then it is wound on bobbins … In general, these most “then “is typed a lot. And all of them are the indirect culprits of the fact that the strength of the product decreases. And it sometimes decreases significantly, up to 50%. But we will talk about this, the conformity of the figures indicated by the manufacturer, and what we have in reality, when we consider the braided lines of Fire Line and NanoFil, and today we will just tell you about our impressions of the “wattle” from SPIDERWIRE.


The classic version, so to speak, “Classic SPIDERWIRE.” A cord braided from four threads. Only here is the classic in a modern way, a braided line made with the most modern technologies. On the packaging there is an inscription: “Enhanced casting and color tehnology”, which can be translated as “Extended throw and color technology”. What does this mean? And it means that we are dealing with a cord well-known to us, only in modern execution, so to speak: “otjunningovannom.”
And this tuning consists in the fact that while manufacturing the modern “HIDDEN” (the word “stealth” can be translated as “hidden”), the technology of impregnating woven fibers with Teflon is used. Moreover, this impregnation is not simple, but through, moreover, occurring under high pressure. With this technological process Teflon penetrates into the fibers and we are already dealing with a completely different cord.
This STEALTH BRAID has no Teflon sheath, which is subject to abrasion during use, and fibers that are thoroughly impregnated with Teflon. That is, as far as natural wear of the outer fibers is concerned, internal fibers impregnated with the same Teflon come into play. Accordingly, in this case, Teflon impregnation works all the time, until the final wear of the cord. And this time, it should be said, is very long, since the friction of the cord during its passage through the rings is minimal. STEALTH BRAID thanks to its structure, almost no friction on the rings, which allows you to make long and accurate casts baits. In addition, during casting, there is absolutely no “rustling” peculiar to using other woven cords, for example, the well-known Power Pro. And this already shows that this “fence” is more durable than most conventional woven cords.
In the photo, the STEALTH BRAID cord is after 20, quite intense, fishing. As we see, there were no special changes with the cord. The color has not changed much, and there is no “shaggy” either. Although the load was given to this cord, as they say: “Under the full program.” He happened to participate in jig fishing on the stony bottom of the Daugava, and when fishing in the “windows” of water lilies Babytki, and among the “cacti” Lake Engure. In general, there were not enough conditions for “writing off”, “HIDDEN” was not enough, but the cord did not receive any special injuries.

We are offered cords of the following diameters: 0.10; 0.12; 0.14; 0.17; 0.20; 0.25; 0.30; 0.35; 0.38; 0.40mm.

It remains only to add that STEALTH BRAID is available in two colors: dark green (Moss Green) and bright yellow (Hi-Vis Yellow). This fact can only be welcomed, and speaks in favor of using this “wattle”.

SUMMARY. STEALTH BRAID can be considered a universal cord, suitable for most fans of spinning. For fans of twitching in shallow water, for fans to set fire to the depths – it is for them that this cord can be a great help in fishing everyday life. And, given the longevity of this cord, we can say that this support will be long-lasting, and the cord will serve its owner much longer than many other braided lines. In addition, the very process of fishing with a noiseless cord, when the “fence” passes along the rod rings without the usual “rustle”, also becomes much more pleasant, we can say, more aesthetic. Well, the use of a string of bright yellow color will greatly facilitate the control over the wiring, regardless of which species is the bait used at the moment.


In this case, it’s not that the modern cord, or, we might say, modern technologies embodied in a woven line. It would seem that the producer has created a quality product, gradually improving it, keeping pace with scientific achievements, well, “sit and rejoice.” So in fact, no, do not sit quietly guys from SPIDERWIRE, resting, so to speak: “on our laurels.” They always offer us something new. And this “new” is quite worthy of that we pay attention to it. This time in the role of “newcomer” is ULTRACAST INVISI-BRAID.
In this case, we are dealing with a representative of the ULTRACAST series, whose name speaks for itself. All cords from this series, despite the differences between them, have one common property – the ability to produce long casts. This quality will not be superfluous for those who catch “at a distance”.
ULTRACAST INVISI-BRAID – a white cord. It consists of eight intertwined threads. Weaving is dense, even, without tubercles. So, how, it, and it is necessary to qualitative “weaving”. At manufacturing the newest technology which allows at the minimum diameter to receive the greatest capacity is applied. That is, this cord, with the same declared diameter, is much thinner than many of its “associates”.
For greater clarity, you can look at the photo, which is next to two wicker lines. Upper – Scandinavian SavaGear Adrenaline 0.13, and the lower “fence” is the one we are talking about, Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi Braid. But only the lower line has the declared diameter – 0.14. Comments, as they say – unnecessary. For those who are “at the forefront” of the applied diameter, these figures, of course, will not go unnoticed. And to this should be added clearly high strength cord with small diameters. Yes, and increased “viability”, because as many as 15 fishermen did not cause any damage to the appearance of ULTRACAST INVISI-BRAID. It should also be noted and the fact that in the water this cord becomes mala-like, which also speaks in favor of this product.

We are offered cords of the following diameters: 0.12; 0.14; 0.17; 0.20; 0.25; 0.30; 0.35mm

SUMMARY. ULTRACAST INVISI-BRAID can become indispensable for lovers of catching lightweight sailing lures. And those who need to cast Castmaster closer to the asp, this line will also be clearly not superfluous.


It’s also a novelty, although many of the packaging seem familiar to long ago. Nevertheless, in this case we are dealing with a completely new cord, which is significantly different from the previous braided line.
The main difference is that when manufacturing modern ULTIMATE-BRAID, the technology of interlacing not four threads is used, as before, but from eight. This approach to the matter greatly increases both the strength and, accordingly, the “vitality” of the line. Naturally, the cross-section of the cord is practically round. It fits perfectly on the coil spool, and, of course, it’s just as good and goes off with it when casting. And, thanks to the softness and small diameter, we get the smallest sail, which allows us to make not only distant, but also aim casts.
For clarity, take a look at the photo: on top is the same SavaGear Adrenaline 0.13, and below Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate Braid 0.12. Even without a microscope, one can see the significant advantage of an American product. Well, the fact that in most cases the use of a thinner line can only be welcomed – it is known to everyone.
Another comparison: the top woven Climax Clear Braid 0.12, and the bottom – Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate Braid 0.12. These photos clearly speak in favor of ULTIMATE-BRAID. Without any doubt – ULTIMATE-BRAID is more “leaner” than many woven lines of the same diameter.
The cord is available in two colors – dark green (Moss Green) and bright yellow (Hi-Vis Yellow). For experts in the fineness of spinning, there is a great opportunity to “play with the color gamut”, that is, use cords of different colors. For example, you can bring a jig fishing in cases where it is not possible to track the bottom touching the bait on the tip of the rod. And in general, the use of a color line is much preferable, because it greatly facilitates control over the passage of baits. Well, for fish, a colored fishing line is not so terrible, as many anglers think. About this, we will certainly talk in detail in the next article, on examples of plethora from Berkley. And now we just clarify that the possibility of applying a “wattle” bright coloring speaks in favor of using ULTIMATE-BRAID.

We are offered cords of the following diameters: 0.12; 0.14; 0.17; 0.20; 0.25; 0.30 and 0.35mm.

SUMMARY. The braided line ULTIMATE-BRAID will be indispensable where priority is placed on the application of fishing line with the minimum possible diameter. And this priority will be everywhere, where it is not necessary to use cords with a known large diameter, for example, catching in a “buckwheat” or catching a known large fish, such as salmon, trout and the like.


Remember, a little higher there was a conversation about the cord INVISI-BRAID? The one that is produced with the help of the latest technology? So, those modern technologies were, as they say, “more flowers”, as the “berries” will go now, when we start talking about the braided line of ULTRACAST FLOURO-BRAID, the latest development of the manufacturer SPIDEWIRE.
On the packaging immediately striking two inscriptions: “NEW” and “The braid than sinks like a fluorocarbon!”. By past these inscriptions one can not pass by. And all the fact that these inscriptions tell us that we are dealing with a woven fishing line “sharpened” for fluorocarbon. And to the braided line, which has the properties of fluorocarbon, of course, you should take a closer look. So, what do we have?
The manufacturer claims that we are dealing with the thinnest, strongest and most sensitive fluorocarbon ever made. In addition, we are assured by the guys from SPIDERWIRE, in the water this cord becomes virtually invisible, almost like a fluorocarbon fiber. Well, about the actual invisibility, here, it is, of course, slightly “drawn by the ears”, since the cord in the water, unobtrusively, but still, is visible. But what about the rest – the producer of rights.
Indeed, ULTRACAST FLOURO-BRAID, with its diameter, considering that it is woven from eight threads, withstands a much greater load than cords of similar diameters. Sensitivity at the highest level. The stretch is the least. This all allows not only to make long casts, but also to control the passage of bait during wiring. And, the wiring can be very different. And jerky, in the manner of twitching, and uniform, when used in catching turntables or cranks. At all variants we perfectly feel the passage of our bait.
But the main advantage of ULTRACAST FLOURO-BRAID is that it is a sinking cord. It is this quality, and not invisibility, which makes it possible to equate this braided line with the category of fluorocarbon. As is known, the main number of braided lines is floating. We have somehow become accustomed to this and do not pay much attention to the positive buoyancy of the cord we catch. And here we are offered to use a drowning cord, a novelty that we really miss, especially when fishing in a strong current. When using ULTRACAST FLOURO-BRAID, we can hold our baits at any depth, practically without paying attention to the force of the current in the place of fishing.

We offer cords of the following diameters:: 0.10; 0.12; 0.15; 0.18; 0.20; 0.22; 0.28; 0.33; 0.40 and 0.45mm.

SUMMARY. ULTRACAST FLOURO-BRAID will be an excellent assistant to those who catch on a perceptible current. The line will not form a “snot” on the surface of the water, which largely prevents the bait from being carried out where necessary. For fans of fishing chute, trout and other fish, adoring a “trickle”, this “fence” will, of course, “to the place.”

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