Zebco reels


A couple of words I will say about the spin-off in general. These are coils, which for the most part are a kind of intermediate link between the multiplier and the meat grinder. Although there are models with closed spools, which are endowed with a trigger (a lever for controlling the casting) and are fastened under the rod and not from above.

The idea of ​​a closed spool is not new. It was implemented at the end of the fortieth, and moved her company ZEBCO and Denison Johnson Inc. By the way, now Zebco is a recognized giant in its business, owns such eminent brands as, for example, Browning. Partly because of the name, I bought this reel for reference.

Now, coils with closed spools are mainly used for children and for women, and generally for introducing newcomers to spinning, since it is quite easy to control them, and the risk of dropping the “beard” is practically zero.

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